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Team cohesion index

What gets measured gets improved

Backed by ten years’ experience in the field, our index is based on four fundamental pillars of cohesive, high-performance teams – clarity (alignment), communication (dialogue), connection (being) and collaboration (doing).

Why the team cohesion index?

Before you know who you want to become as a team, you have to know who you are.

Determine your starting point

Benefit from a detailed analysis that gives you a clear picture of the current situation, enabling you to draw up a clear action plan.

Anticipate challenges

Identify your team’s weaknesses and blind spots before they become major obstacles to your business objectives.

Prevent the risk of dropping out

Quickly identify team members who are showing signs of disengagement.

Develop your team rituals

Take advantage of personalized recommendations to establish or improve your team rituals, which consist of daily actions to strengthen cohesion.

Strengthen your sense of belonging

Use this tool as a valuable opportunity to initiate change-oriented conversations within your team.

Join the waiting list

Join the waiting list and be among the first to access the tool

For the time being, access to the index is reserved exclusively for our existing customers. However, we invite you to join the waiting list to be among the first to know when the tool becomes available to a wider audience.

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