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Training for managers

People managers: the key to your organization’s success

Many managers obtained their current positions thanks to their technical skills or experience. But are they really ready to guide their teams to success?

Our approach is based on four fundamental pillars of cohesive, high-performance teams

Clarity (alignment), communication (dialogue), connection (being) and collaboration (doing)

We equip your managers to create greater clarity and meaning for their teams, helping them to connect with them on a human level. We rely on an approach that values each individual’s genius, enabling us to prevent dropout risks and address them effectively. Our aim is to create greater psychological security, considered to be the key element in high-performance teams.

Training overview

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Content tailored to your organization’s realities
  • Dynamic workshops to keep participants on the move
  • Group debriefing to profit collective intelligence
  • Moments of reflexion, followed by commitments for the future

What people like about our courses

"This training offered me a wealth of dialogue and a deep understanding of the subject. The structure, pace and expertise of the facilitators really enhanced the learning experience."

"Gabriel and Daniel generously shared their experience, making each session super interesting. Thank you for these enriching exchanges!"

"The general atmosphere and collaboration with all the managers present created an ideal environment for learning and collective reflection."

"The dynamic exchanges between colleagues and the quality of the facilitators made this training not only instructive, but also very engaging."

"The tools and avenues of reflection shared brought a new perspective on our managerial practice."

Organizing a training course

Investing in our managers is a business strategy.