Success Stories



Once a year, UNICEF teams organise retreats centered around specific themes. This particular one aimed to reinforce team spirit, improve communication and foster initiative. The theme for the retreat was identified by Hubu as “play-unite-engage”.

At the conclusion of this retreat, the whole team went back to work with clear and precise individual and team objectives. The team really put into action their takeaways from the retreat. The result? Out of the 190 teams that make up UNICEF, team UNICEF Burundi won Team of the Year 2019.


  • In person, 3-day retreat
  • 80 participants
  • “I would enthusiastically recommend these facilitators to other teams.” 9.1/10
  • “I believe this retreat helped foster team spirit.” 8.6/10
  • “I enjoyed the facilitators’ presentations and exercises.” 9/10
  • “My general evaluation of the retreat is...” 8.6/10

We all enjoyed your carefully devised handling of the retreat, as well as the ease with which you went from English to French as needed. We found the choice of activities as well as the balance between lighter games and deeper moments of reflection well thought out.

Jeremy Hopkins, Representative, UNICEF Burundi



A Desjardins team seeking an insightful, unifying and playful experience contacted us to organise a virtual activity. At the time, the team was amidst an important transition, having to simultaneously integrate and let go of several resources.

Hence, the team’s main objectives were to get to know one another and to create lasting bonds. The activity was a great success, considering the limitations of the virtual and remote context.


  • 2-hour virtually hosted event
  • 75 participants
  • “How do you rate your overall experience?” 9.2/10
  • « Auriez-vous envie de rejouer à ce jeu avec votre équipe? » Oui à 100%

We called on Gabriel and Daniel to organize a team building activity for a new and growing team. The TeamTalk activity was perfect for our needs. That is to say, an insightful, unifying and playful moment to connect bond among colleagues. What’s more, Gabriel and Daniel offer unmatched service, full of humanity.

Clara Schwarz, Administrative Assistant

[Two words:] Humane connections. You created an opening for new relations and new conversations. A beautiful afternoon..

Many thanks for such an enjoyable moment that we wish could have gone on all day.

A unifying activity that allowed me to break the ice with colleagues that I didn’t know.

Really motivating and, what’s more, consolidating. An amazing game that should be played within all workplace teams.



The CIUSSS team recently set up a training program for teleworking employees. One of its objectives was to improve collaboration and teamwork for teams working remotely.

In partnership with the organizational development of the CIUSS, we put together a new training called Strengthen team bonds while working remotely. This training is now part of the permanent training catalog of the CIUSSS.


  • To date, 32 managers have completed the training.
  • Level of participant satisfaction:
    • Very satisfied = 60%
    • Moderately satisfied = 40%
    • Poorly satisfied = 0%
    • Not at all satisfied = 0%
  • “What I learned from this training will be useful in my work.”
    • Yes = 97%
    • Maybe = 3%
    • No = 0%
  • “The instructors display a comprehensive grasp of the subject.”
    • Strongly Agree = 69%
    • Agree = 31%
    • Disagree = 0%
    • Strongly Disagreed = 0%

One of my favorite online training so far. Talk about dynamism!

Thanks to you both, you were more than up to the task!

The training went beyond my expectations!

Thank you for this dynamic hosting duo. A breath of fresh air!

Wow! They are smooth with technology. It flows and inspires.

An inspiring father-son duo.

The principles brought about are applicable, no matter the work context.

I leave with a slew of tools and paths to take action!

Great dynamic and very interesting training. A sequel please!

Programme Alimentaire Mondial Sénégal


This retreat presented a great logistic challenge and required a good amount of agility. Following the arrival of a new representative eager to improve cohesion and teamwork, the PAM Senegal decided to have an in person retreat in spite of the global pandemic.

Participants were divided in two different rooms and linked via a videoconference system. Despite the challenges posed by public-health restrictions, the retreat unfolded smoothly and the team walked away with a clear action plan and a new tool called the culture wheel.


  • 4-day in person retreat
  • 45 participants
  • “I would enthusiastically recommend these facilitators to other teams.” 8.9/10
  • “I believe this retreat helped foster team spirit.” 8.5/10
  • “I enjoyed the facilitators’ presentations and exercises.” 8.9/10
  • “My general evaluation of this retreat is …”8.8/10

Thanks Hubu for your intent listening and for your ability to create this effect in spite of all the current constraints.

You created a suitable environment to open up to others.

I liked the interactions between participants and facilitators.

Thank you for the dynamic facilitation duo.

The games were my favorite part of the retreat.

The TeamTalk game was a strong moment.

I would like Hubu to continue to collaborate with our team. To be repeated.

You are an inspiring father & son duo.

The rope exercise was my high point. You made me realize that, together, anything is possible.

Thank you for your diligence in the preparation of this retreat.

Without Hubu’s input, none of this would have been possible.

Groupe CME


The CME Group is an engineering consulting firm that secured our services for a year-long program. The objectives determined by the management team were to improve team spirit and to foster collaboration and accountability.

Following a series of events with the team, the objectives were successfully met and the team was able to apply the knowledge acquired during those events.


  • 1-year program including 2 half-days and 1 full-day with the Hubu team
  • 3 in-person meetings and 2 virtual meetings
  • 30 participants
  • Team spirit evaluation:
    • 10% reported improvement (one point on a 1-10 scale)

The day really was extraordinary, and many positive and unifying elements have since arisen from it. Insightful discussions were sparked by the end of the day and these exchanges have led to new solution pathways explored and renewed commitment from many. I am, once again, really surprised by just how you set the tone for this event and just how far we were able to go together. You have that “magic touch”. I also received many comments about your game. Everyone loved it and felt at ease. It resulted, once again, in many beautiful and meaningful exchange of gifts.

Paul Théroux, President

Thanks for all the things you enabled me to realize.

We said things to each other that we would have never dared say without you.

Forillon Naval Shipyard


The Forillon Naval Shipyard organised an activity centered on the themes of teamwork and collaboration. The activity took place at the end of January 2020, just a month and a half before COVID-19 forced temporary industry closures.

The effects of the activity were magnified in the following months, as employees found themselves confined at home for an indefinite period. It is in these difficult times the Ubuntu philosophy is most helpful. Indeed, many employees of the shipyard have taken on the habit to do the “Ubuntu call” when returning home. “That’s when you realise the true power of the activity” summarizes the shipyard’s President, Jean-David Samuel.


  • In-person activity of 120 minutes
  • 75 participants

Gabriel was able to deeply move our team through playful activities, sincere testimonies and profound reflections. He helped each of us understand that our strengths are multiplied when we work as a team. We shall continue to benefit from his energy over the next several months.

Jean-David Samuel, President, Forillon Naval Shipyard

Bosch Rexroth


This team experienced a lot of adversity during the pandemic and was looking for a unifying activity to break social isolation. They, of course, chose a TeamTalk virtually hosted team building event.

The concluding takeaway of the activity was the following: we must cultivate the “Gaul village” mentality, which translates to perseverance, resourcefulness and synergy.


  • 2-hour virtually hosted event
  • 25 participants

It was a nice opportunity to learn more about my colleagues.

I really liked the experience. To be done again in person.

We must re-do the activity in person!

Interesting activity, to take up in person.

This activity helps strengthen team bonds.

The activity enabled us to better communicate and that’s a positive going forward.

Allows to unwind as a group.

Allows to give feedback in a different setting.