The Hubu Team

Good-hearted people who will feel like family.

What makes us special?

We not only aim to guide you through humane and unforgettable experiences, but also to offer you the same kind of careful and generous attention you’d expect from a family member.

Let's team up!

The 6 Hubu principles

Our core principles are derived from the Ubuntu philosophy.

We are all connected.

We are engaged in a common vision

We are stronger together.

We generate conversations.

We courageously embrace imperfection.

We see the good in everyone.

The Hubu Team

gabriel renaud

Cofounder – Experience Creator

Gabriel has been a competitor on the international circuit of Red Bull Ice Cross since 2014 and is currently ranked in the top 30 in the world. Drawing from the wealthy baggage of his athletic career as well as his experience as an assistant coach at the Ecole d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, Gabriel has been facilitating team building events since 2017, often connecting the world of high-performance sports to that of the teams and organisations he works with. His rigor, discipline and applied creativity set him apart when it comes to designing new experiences with and for Hubu collaborators.

Daniel Renaud, PCC

Cofounder – Professional Coach

Daniel has been working alongside teams and organizations around the world since 2009. He has, most notably, taken part in missions in more than 15 countries in Africa alone. A trained Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), he can quickly assess the stakes and needs of the teams he works with. He is, fundamentally, a “connector”—that is to say that he possesses the ability to help people access their authentic self, thus enabling true openness, discovery and connection. Daniel knows how to truly get the conversation flowing to ensure that colleagues and teammates get talking about the real stuff.

Claudelle renaud

Operations Manager

Claudelle studied in hotel management and rapidly discovered that she thrives on challenges. She is excellent at understanding people’s needs and brings joy to all her interactions. She is generous, welcoming, easygoing and above all, perfectly represents the ubuntu spirit.

Hubu : Because We Are.

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