The Hubu Team

Good-hearted people who will feel like family.

What makes us special?

We not only aim to guide you through humane and unforgettable experiences, but also to offer you the same kind of careful and generous attention you’d expect from a family member.

Let's team up!

Why Hubu?

Our purpose

To bring more love and humanity into organizations.

Our mission

To make teams more cohesive and successful by creating engaging experiences.

The meaning of Hubu

The name "Hubu" combines "hub" with an abbreviation of "ubuntu," an African philosophy that means "I am because we are." Additionally, the syllables "hu" and "bu" refer to the concept of "human business," which is central to our approach to designing games.

Hubu team building gif

Meet the team

gabriel renaud


Gabriel is a proactive individual who enjoys taking action. He is always ready to step up when needed and is committed to fulfilling his commitments.

Daniel Renaud, PCC


Daniel is an instinctive and confident decision-maker. He is capable of quickly and accurately assessing situations and motivating people to take action.

Guillaume Muzard


Guillaume is a passionate idealist who constantly generates big ideas and questions to contemplate. He is a visionary who enjoys challenging the status quo.

The 6 Hubu principles

Our core principles are derived from the Ubuntu philosophy.

We are all connected.

We are engaged in a common vision

We are stronger together.

We generate conversations.

We courageously embrace imperfection.

We see the good in everyone.