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Team spirit conference

Team spirit conference: Building strong, committed, high-performance teams

Hubu conference
Conférence Hubu

An absolutely unique, inspiring and energy-filled conference

Drawing on his experience at the Race Across America 2022 as team leader for cyclist Sébastien Sasseville, Gabriel Renaud presents the Esprit d’équipe conference on building strong, committed, high-performance teams. Gabriel offers an absolutely unique conference, inspiring, full of energy and loaded with concrete tools for leaders and team managers. Through stories, anecdotes, stunning images, and a dose of emotion, you’ll be inspired by this extraordinary twelve-day adventure across the United States.


From 60 to 90 minutes for the conference. The conference can be combined with a team-building activity. An experience your team will be talking about for years to come.

For leaders and their teams

In 2022, Sébastien Sasseville took part in the Race Across America, the world’s toughest ultracycling race. With Gabriel Renaud as team leader, a group of 10 people supported Sébastien in this extraordinary achievement.

They present their conference ESPRIT D’ÉQUIPE, building strong, committed, high-performance teams. As a team, they offer an absolutely unique conference, inspiring, full of energy and loaded with concrete tools for leaders and team managers.

Backed by breathtaking audiovisual equipment, their charismatic stage presence will create a heart-stopping moment at your next corporate event.

Relevant messages

  • How to choose the right players
  • How to create commitment
  • How to build empowered, accountable teams to boost performance
  • How to create a mission more important than individual success
  • How to create a sense of belonging and responsibility within the team
  • Building psychological safety in the team
  • Understanding codependency within the team
  • Going the extra mile to serve the mission
  • How to get rid of silos, once and for all


"Absolutely inspiring, and a ton of concrete tools to improve our teams' performance."

Groupe Grandio / La CageBrasserie Sportive

"Thank you very much, only positive comments. You have touched the heartstrings of our organization! Glued to our reality!"

Laurent FeyMinistry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

"I've heard nothing but positive comments from our team members. The whole afternoon exceeded my expectations - really!"

Marie-Ève BergeronCogiscan

"Usually very critical of speakers, the feedback we've received has been nothing but positive."

Laura FournierPublic Curator of Québec

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