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Team activities and retreats

Our mission is to design and create unifying experiences that deliver results.

Hubu is a team of experienced facilitators, backed by positive references and over 500 activities in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Offer your team a moment of cohesion and inspiration!

Hubu Activités
Hubu Activités

Our strongest themes

What people like about our activities

"Thanks to Hubu for this team building activity with our team. People took away from it that we are all interdependent and that we all need each other to be at our best. The activity also made us realize that together, nothing is impossible. I would recommend this activity without hesitation."

Patrice CarleGeneral Manager, Solution Aleop

"It was a truly extraordinary day, with a number of positive, unifying outcomes. Good discussions got underway at the end of the day, and the exchanges led to possible solutions and commitments on the part of many. I'm really surprised once again at how well you two set the table and how far we were able to go with everyone."

Paul ThérouxChairman, CME Group

"It was a relevant activity for our new management. Knowing that we can count on each other is a very important aspect of team cohesion. What's more, the activity where we wrote down our fears and then shared them with the group was interesting. It made us realize that our fears are quite common and that we're not alone in having them."

Cindy FexCoaching Consultant, Desjardins

"A huge thank you for a wonderful, inspiring day that taught us so much! At the evening dinner, it was unanimous: everyone loved and learned!"

Maxime CroisetièreSkytech Communications

"The day was greatly appreciated by all participants. We will be sure to reinvest all the great learnings from this day, during our future meetings."

Nancy CoutureFleuve-et-des-Lacs School Service Centre

"We more than met our objectives with concrete examples."

Laure KleissABB

A worthwhile investment

We’re not magic creators. Instead, we offer a framework, an environment, a safe space that will allow you to create the magic between you.

By the end of the experience, participants will be filled with new energy.

What’s included :

  • Experience facilitators
  • Pre-event call(s)
  • Customize and prepare the activity
  • Coordination and logistics with our team
  • Materials required for an unforgettable event (e.g. PowerPoint, participants’ notebooks, pens, sound system, equipment, etc.).

Activities and retreats

Transform your work environment with enriching, personalized team experiences.

Frequently asked questions

What is the format of your experiments?

Half-day, full-day or day-long retreats and more.

Where do your experiments take place?

You’re free to choose the location that suits you best, and we’ll come and meet you there. If required, we can also suggest ideal venues for your events, such as our partner, the Manoir du Lac-Delage, located in the magnificent Quebec City region.

How much do your experiments cost?

Prices vary according to the length of the experience, the location and the number of participants. The minimum cost for an activity with Hubu is $4,000. For smaller teams, consider our
which may offer a more cost-effective setting.

Who will be our facilitators for our experiment?

We carefully select facilitators tailored to your specific needs. You’ll have the opportunity to meet them and discuss your expectations during a preparatory call, to ensure an experience perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Organize an activity

Let us know a few details about your event. We will contact you shortly to schedule an exploratory call.