TeamTalk Certification

TeamTalk Certification

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The TeamTalk Certification is tailored for those who wish to use TeamTalk as a facilitation tool.

The Certification:

  • A four-hour training session with the Hubu team including:
    • Feedback training and TeamTalk tutorial
    • Certificate of completion
    • Participant’s Guide
    • List of playing cards
    • Additional documentation and PowerPoint to facilitate the game
  • Physical game set ($89.95 value)
  • Virtual game access ($49.95 value)
  • 2 additional advantages:
    • Advanced functionalities (card preselection)
    • Lifetime 30% discount on both the virtual and physical TeamTalk game


Simple, dynamic and effective. Here is a certification that will allow you to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of leaders.
-Nadine Beaupré, Business Coach

I had an instant crush when I discovered your game. Thank you Daniel and Gabriel for this game, simple in appearance, yet incredibly powerful in creating bonds and fostering insightful conversations within work teams. Our organisations will never be the same after experiencing the TeamTalk game.
-Carole Thériault, Professional Coach

I really enjoyed discovering this new communication tool that is TeamTalk. In addition to being esthetically pleasing and very intuitive in its use, I am convinced that, thanks to the game, my clients will be able to go further in their discussions and thus improve interpersonal relations within their teams. Congrats to Gabriel and Daniel, your energy is thrilling and makes us want to follow you. My first customer absolutely loved their experience.
-Nathalie Simard, Consultant

Thank you for organizing this certification! We often say that anything can be said as long as the manner is appropriate, and that’s exactly what TeamTalk tackles. It teaches us conversation in a playful and progressive manner, in a trusting and secure environment. I am eager show this game to my clients and their teams, to grow together through conversations both sincere and benevolent, in the optics of inspiring each other.
-Sylvie Boisvert, Professional Coach

I really appreciated this training which brings team to better communicate, to harmonize day-to-day dynamics and to enhance the desire to succeed together. A simple yet efficient team building activity!
-Serge Bouchard, Business Coach

Thank you for this fine training. It was convivial, very active, and you both are more than generous. It will be a pleasure to pass on your passion which is more than communicative.
-France Juneau, Professional Coach

TeamTalk is the result of a fine compilation of powerful coaching questions. There is no doubt that it will positively contribute to my own sessions and team cohesion seminars, and as much with my clients as within my own team. Thank you also for the great deal of experience feedback during the unfolding of the certification. It allows us to project ourselves actively in the use of the tool. Congrats on this accomplishment.
-Marie Lecomte, Coach & Trainer