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Bas Hubu team building
Bas Hubu team building avant
Bas Hubu team building arrière


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Meaning of the Hubu socks:

  • The Hubu socks are a symbol of ubuntu which means "I am because we are" in the Zulu language;
  • They signify respect and kindness for others- the importance to put others first and show empathy.

Gift idea:

  • Give these socks as a gift to someone important to you and share how they influenced or inspired you.


  • Made in Canada;
  • M / L - Male (8-12), Female (10-13);
  • 48% nylon, 32% polyester, 20% spandex.

You can currently pre-order our socks. They should arrive February 20th. Shipments will begin upon reception of the socks.