A team without trust and engagement is like a ship without a sail: it is bound for nowhere!


Hiring a business coach for this type of activity normally costs more than $1,000. Between the game and the tutorials, you benefit from the same expertise for a fraction of the price.

Small risk, high reward!

Why TeamTalk

Who is TeamTalk for?

  • Entrepreneurs

    Building the team of your dreams requires time and effort. TeamTalk can be that first step towards a united team built on trust.

  • Coaches et consultants

    Give yourself a powerful tool for your team bonding activities with your clients. A sure hit!

  • Managers

    Create a safe environment in which members of your team can confidently express their ideas and feelings.

  • Human Resources

    Equip your HR with an innovating game that will develop communication and feedback skills.

TeamTalk collection

What is the goal of the game?+

How long is a game?+

Can we play this game multiple times?+

We are a very large team—is there a maximum number of participants?+

How do the game levels work? +

What is the Gift to Go?+

Do participants have to know each other to play?+

How to use the virtual game?+

How does a virtual game hosted by Hubu unfolds?+

What type of team is this game meant for?+

Not Convinced Yet?

Get a series of tutorials and a free access.

1. A series of 5 tutorial videos to discover its full potential.
2. An access to the free version of the virtual game featuring 15 game cards.

About Hubu

Hubu is a family business
and our mission is to create
unforgettable team experiences.
The TeamTalk game is an extension
of who we are, of our story and
of the Ubuntu philosophy, which
is defined as “I am because we are”.