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Virtual Team Building

Foster a culture of connection and collaboration in a digital workplace.

« J'ai plus appris à connaitre mes collègues en 2 heures d'activité qu'en 7 mois de télétravail. »


Easy to organize

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Why to choose our virtual team building?


Our virtual team building allows your team to connect and share their reality in an authentic and fun way.


There is nothing better than a team challenge to increase engagement when times are difficult.


Ensure the well-being of the team through sincere conversations and by cultivating more love and harmony.


Our virtual team building is an opportunity to highlight each other's strengths and team achievements.



What people are saying about the game:

It boosts a team! It allows you to feel good collectively. It also allows you to get to know each other better and to exchange different point of views in a non-job context.


I got to know my colleagues more in 2 hours of activity than in 7 months of remote work.


A great way to get to know colleagues a little more, especially those that we have not had the chance to meet in real life. Ideal for our kind of team.


The card system is very useful, easy to understand, and not trivial.


TeamTalk allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take my work relationships to another level.


It was a great team bonding experience. Hearing everyone's positive feedback was motivating!


TeamTalk allows us to see people smile and to give positive feedback to those we don't work with every day.


How seamless it was for the whole team to be honest and open.


TeamTalk allows us to interact with people with whom it is usually less possible. Great experience.


It brings us closer. It allowed me to see strengths I was less aware of.


Giving ourselves the time to say beautiful things to each other that we don't always have the opportunity to do on a daily basis.


I love the levels. I like word suggestions when you may be running out of ideas.


The game "obliges us '' (in a positive sense!) to share things that we don't take the time to say to each other on a daily basis. It feels good to give and to receive!


It allowed us to get to know our colleagues better and to understand them differently and in a different remote context.


We grow when we step outside our comfort zone. A completely different conversation we would not normally have.


It's simple and direct, allows a positive environment to provide feedback and to get to know your team on a different level.


Allows you to take the time to say things that you don't normally do (both positive and constructive).


The interaction, the simplicity, the agility. It's a game all teams should play on a regular basis - it's a good dose of energy.


The ease of giving and receiving feedback on several topics and also the way to get to know my colleagues.


The facilitator knows how to make us feel comfortable and when the team gets into the game, it's very rewarding.


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J'ai de l’admiration pour le travail de Daniel et Gabriel et l’impact qu’ils ont sur les équipes corporatives! Leurs activités permettent de bâtir des équipes fortes afin de permettre à tous les membres de l’équipe de briller. Ils sont vraiment génial et je suis convaincu qu’ils pourront apporter de la valeur à vos équipes!

-Sébastien Sasseville, Athlète & Conférencier

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