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TeamTalk is your ally to generate insightful and constructive team conversations. In this card game, everyone gets a chance to give and to receive the gift of feedback. TeamTalk fosters inclusion and allows all team members to openly express themselves, all while making their colleagues shine.

Is fun whether you have 4 or 100 people on your team

Break down barriers between remote teams

A new level ofradical transparency

Le contenu de votre
Greatness Book

  • Vos photos marquantes

  • Vos plus grands accomplissements

  • Les obstacles qui se dressent devant vous

  • Vos objectifs personnels et professionnels

  • Vos croyances limitantes et vos saboteurs

  • Vos valeurs

  • Votre mission et votre vision

  • Vos plus grandes forces

  • Des citations et témoignages inspirants

  • Et bien plus encore...

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