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Remote Team Building

Together Remotely is a ten day challenge to keep your employees motivated, engaged and connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Because of the COVID-19 and changes in the work environment, more people than ever before are working from home. We are aware that this lack of human connection is impacting several team's morale and productivity. Also, keeping the team engaged and motivated can be a major challenge!

This is why we created Together Remotely. To keep your team connected! To do so, we used our expertise in the creation of significant team building experiences to design a 10-day challenge for teams who want to experience real connection, love and energy.

Why Together Remotely ?


Together Remotely allows your team to connect and share their reality in an authentic and fun way.


There is nothing better than a team challenge to increase engagement when times are difficult.


The challenge helps maintain trust between the employer and its employees in a remote context.


The challenge is an opportunity to get feedback from your employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

« Very interesting concept. You are a great team and it shows that you love what you do. I know that our team does not fully realize all the value in this challenge, but they will in the next weeks. Like you guys say : let's let this wave of momentum carry us through the next weeks and months.

-Participant of the Remotely Together challenge

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Together Remotely challenge

What is it about?

Who is it for ?


I believe that we have reached the objective of the sessions, I had the opportunity to better connect with my colleagues throughout the challenge. I now feel more comfortable with the team.

Participant of the challenge

Good work. Getting out of our comfort zone is not always easy, but that's how we move forward. You are a dynamic team, it's alive !!

Participant of the challenge

Keep going, you are offering something special and motivating. It's good that the challenges only take short periods of time in order to stay productive.

Participant of the challenge

I enjoyed the challenges that made us think! I learned about a lot about myself, especially with the saboteurs and the feedback! Thank you!

Participant of the challenge

Your team is complementary. We can sense your enthusiasm for sharing Hubu values ​​and the impact on the team is remarkable.

Participant of the challenge

You are dynamic, fun to follow and listen. The challenges are interesting given the current context. Thank you for allowing people to create links with others despite the quarantine.

Participant of the challenge

I love the idea of ​​encouraging participants to give feedback and thank you's. Very good approach to connect people.

Participant of the challenge

It was a good experience ! It allowed us to laugh and have some fun in these difficult times. Keep going!

Participant of the challenge

Well structured, material and tools are great and easy to use, each challenge fosters connection within the team = 👍

Participant of the challenge

Are you up to the challenge ?

We based our challenge on the the 6 Hubu principles.

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