Stop waiting for things to magically settle and make your team a priority

Hubu was born out of a real need observed in companies and organizations. Indeed, we don’t need to speak long with team leaders and business leaders to realize that everyone wants to solidify the bonds that unite their team’s members.

Here are three common problems we encounter:

  1. The leader believes that the person who reports to them (lower level) will take care of improving the team spirit. So he doesn’t want to get involved too much in the hope that things will work out by themselves.

  2. The leader is unsure how to approach the problem of teamwork and collaboration because he is afraid of causing even more trouble by opening up "messy box".

  3. Finally, he knows even less how to implement a successful team building event or retreat.

If you are experiencing communication problems, a lack of commitment and responsibility toward the company vision or a lack of collective inspiration, Hubu can help you inject a sustainable dose of energy into your team.

Improving team spirit takes courage. It also takes time and effort. It is also about opening debates on slippery ground and accepting discomfort. It is allowing yourself to slow down, to go slower in order to go faster. Like it or not, a team where all members work together will greatly influence the state of mind within the company as well as the financial results of the organization.

There you go ... when you're ready, here are 3 ways Hubu can help you build a better team spirit :

  1. The Hubu Games : If you want to organize something internally and lead the activity yourself, we offer you games with a proven track record of success .

  1. Facilitation by experts : We go on site to tackle themes related to communication, corporate culture, employee mobilization, feedback, recognition, etc. Whether it is for a few hours, half a day, a day or more, our only desire is to help you create lasting change and better relationships.

  1. Insightful retreats : A few times a year, we move to a different setting (at your choice - in the south, in nature, etc.), with a team, a custom-made experience designed so that things will never be the same.

    P.S. This experience is not for all teams, only those who really want to push their limits and forever transform the individuals within the team.

Hubu : Because We Are. 

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